Current project

Viet-Now, Why Vietnam


As a way to create opportunities for  cultural exchange, Nine Dot Gallery is implementing the Artist, Research, and Trade Program (A.R.T. Program). 

Our pilot location will be in the country of Vietnam. Inspired by the missions of the Southeast Asian Coalition of Central Massachusetts (SEAC) and the Indochina Arts Partnership (IAP), we've started to create a platform for artistic and cultural exchange.

On May 22nd we will depart for Vietnam. Starting in Hanoi we'll make our way south to Saigon and Can Tho hosting a series of workshops in these sites. The workshops will be focus on the topics of material studies, creative placemaking, and cultural equity.

From our exchanges in Vietnam we will be putting together an artist roster for our returning exhibition in Worcester, Ma. The show will feature works paired from our local community highlighting the cultural connection made in our travels. 



Help us connect the dots!


May 24 - Saigon

June 1 - Hanoi

June 5 - Ha Giang

June 10 - Saigon

June 17 - Can Tho

June 24 - Saigon