As our name suggests, Nine Dot gallery works in the language of the streets and the imagination. Thriving in partnership with a community not traditionally served by the art world, Nine Dot gallery is a haven in central Massachusetts for artwork with global ambitions. Eclectic in taste and diverse in form, identity, and media, we believe in bringing the world into our gallery and onto our walls.

Truong Vo/



As a chemist I've dedicated my life to the study of transformation. Understanding when, why and how things change continues to play a critical role in my career as a serial-entrepreneur. My brother and I share much in common and we wanted to align our goals on a single platform. The goal remains to enrich and empower our community by cultivating and showcasing emerging artists.

John Vo/

Co-Founder & Directed Manager

When I paint I feel the most connected to the world. Each brush stroke is a tool for understanding identity and belonging. What started off as a means to narrate my parents’ refugee experience has manifested into paintings of home. 
In 2010 I traveled to Vietnam for the first time as a Fulbright recipient. The experience gave me perspective that notions of identity, belonging, and home are dynamic. They are exemplified and demonstrated through experiences of exchange and participation. That Art is a vehicle for transformation.
With this ideology I opened Nine Dot Gallery, a safe space to foster creativity without velvet ropes.

tommy pic.jpg

Tommy Vo/

Co-Founder & Media


A true believer behind the decisive moment; Nine Dot Gallery was conceptualized from the 2015 blizzard of Juno during our residency program. The intense six months instilled the idea of the right time and place. By summer our winter concept began to take root and our gallery flowered as a space serving creatives and art lovers.